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We are happy to welcome you

to Forever International.

The family business Forever Living Products was founded over 40 years ago. Today Forever Living is the world's largest aloe vera grower, manufacturer and distributor of excellent quality ALOE VERA-based health and beauty products. Cultivation, harvesting, gel extraction, stabilization, processing to delivery - here everything comes from a single source.

The VISION of Forever Living is still exactly the same today as the one with which Rex Maughan founded his company: to enable people to live healthier, richer, better, more beautiful and thus more independent lives. A CHANCE that has now been used millions of times all over the world and has made the dream of more health and beauty, but also the very big career through Forever Living come true for countless people.

  • world market leader with over 95% market share for Aloe Vera products

  • Patent & expert experience since 1978

  • Sales over $ 3.1 billion annually increasing

  • Worldwide in over 160 countries with own registrations & approvals

  • Win-Win concept: level playing field, no subscription system, no risk, 100% personal support, unlimited lifetime income (and beyond)



"I myself had allergies like hay fever, cat allergy, dog allergy, dust allergy and major problems. I started drinking the Forever Aloe Gel. Although is can't prove it, after only 3 months my pet hair allergies were much better and right in the spring I could enjoy the blooming spring outdoors."

Michael Keul


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